By now, most of the people on God's green Earth have heard of Sudoku. So, none of the usual yada-yada on where it came from, how long it has been around, and which newspaper has the grand-poobah locked in a secret castle designing their puzzles. We just give you plenty of Sudokus. Free. Go on, puzzle your brains out.

The rules are very simple:

Every digit from 1 to 9 must appear:
  • In each of the nine vertical columns,
  • in each of the nine horizontal rows,
  • and in each of the nine boxes.
    New Sudoku puzzles are displayed here everyday, so feel free to add this site to your favourites. You can also visit the Sudoku Archives for past puzzles. Don't just keep this all to yourself, though, Tell a Friend.
    Once you have finished these all these Sudokus, then head over to to try even more free puzzles. Get Printable Sudoku sent to you. You can also try the new variations Wordoku and kakuro. You can even buy electronic sudoku games.
    Other sites worth checking out are Frasier DVD which is devoted to the popular TV show 'Frasier' and The Wiggles DVD which is all about the kids musical group 'The Wiggles'. Come down to Australia, and let these guys show you around the Melbourne Bars and meet some new friends at Beam Me Up, Hottie!

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    the sudoku

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